So far, I feel like my future is very unclear.  Will I become a dancer or will I go into medicine? Although the answer is unclear, I am focusing my attention on what I can do with my art and how I can utilize it to contribute to society.  My plan thus far is to continue with my education with the hope of someday receiving my Dance Degree and fulfilling my desire of becoming a dancer.  I also hope that someday I can receive my Medical Degree.  With an MD I could contribute to society by helping cure other dancers in addition to people in general.  My obtainment of a Dance Degree and a Medical Degree is the central focus of my future plan.  To commence my plan, I am going to begin by taking the necessary courses in college that are necessary to my intended major.  I will also be certain to do my absolute best in these courses because I know that they can only benefit me and provide me with the knowledge to produce a fruitful future.  Although I have set numerous goals for myself that I would love more than anything to someday achieve, I need to focus on trying to be realistic while continuing to dream.  Yes, it is important to dream.  Dreams are what motivates one to achieve a certain goal or aspiration.  In other words, dreams are the fuel that keeps the fire going, and when I say fire, I mean the fire of passion and hope.  One must be passionate about something in order to devote the majority of their time and effort to it.  In my case, dance and medicine are my two passions.  After college, I would love to coordinate my knowledge of dance with my knowledge of medicine so that I could someday help other artists and my fellow human beings to remain healthy and well enough to continue to be good contributors to society.  Overall, my plan is to reach my full potential in college so that I can become the best artist and physician that I can be.  I feel that my plan and my aspirations will help to make me an outstanding member of society that has the smarts to be able to live a successful life as an artist and physician.


According to BBC News, the new series of TV drama Dallas is to be rewritten to reflect the death of actor Larry Hagman, who played scheming oil tycoon JR Ewing.  Hagman’s role as the main antagonist in Dallas made him an instant star in global sensation in the 1980s.  Hagman reportedly passed away on Friday at the age of 81.  Hagman’s fellow actor and friend Linda Gray was by his side as he passed.  In an interview Gray reportedly said, “He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew.  He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented and I will miss him enormously,” she said.  “He was an original and lived life to the full.” I think this event is very sad but it is also inspirational.  Hagman was a true sensation and his life and success inspires me to reach my full potential so that I may one day be the best person and artist that I can be.  The desire to reach my full potential and become the best artist that I can be is the fuel that keeps me persevering so that I can be the best artist that I can be.

Larry Hagman: Dallas to go on without JR

According to BBC News, suicide bombers attacked a church inside a military barracks Kaduna state in northern Nigeria.  11 people were reportedly found dead and 30 people were severely injured.  A military spokesman told a BBC News reporter that two vehicles were driven into the barracks in Jaji in what he described as “surprising and an embarrassment.” It is unclear who was responsible for the incident.  Although this incident is very unfortunate, I believe it is significant in that it reminds us that no matter where we live or what we do, conflict is omnipresent.  In response to this event, I am compelled to choreograph a piece in which I commemorate the innocent lives that were lost in this incident.  I hope that god provides their loved ones with some peace of mind as they deal with this incident and that they recover swiftly and painlessly.

Nigeria blasts: Eleven dead at Kaduna barracks church

According to the L.A. Times, Joy Womack, dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet, and Los Angeles Ballerina Erin Rivera-Brennand will alternate as Sugar Plum Fairy in Westside Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker.” The performances will run from December 7th to the 9th.  The significance of Womack’s visit is that she may inspire young dancers to pursue dance, especially classical ballet.  The presence of such an elite dancer in a relatively small company can serve to create an atmosphere which encourages and motivates young dancers to reach their full potential and set goals for themselves.  I think Womack’s guest artist position is of the utmost importance because it reminds us that sometimes we may need a little push and motivation to keep us active and on our toes.

‘Nutcracker’ guest artists like Joy Womack can make a difference